About Us

Preventive Maintenance


How is your Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment doing? Do you need it looked after?  We offer a twice annual service so you can enjoy your system all year long, Summer and Winter.  We offer a 15% discount on Parts and Priority Service to our P/M Customers.  Call for more information - (919) 934-7754.  We contact you to get this on the schedule so it can be done by the end of June for A/C Season, and by the end of October for Heating Season.  When we contact you, please call us back to schedule your Preventive Maintenance.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Boiler Repair


We are one of a handful of HVAC Contractors that service Residential and Commercial Boilers.  If your system requires regular maintenance, please contact us by phone or email and we will respond quickly.  Boilers are complex and require someone with experience to service or repair them.  Our Owner has over 40 experience in servicing and repairing Boilers.

Information and Honesty


David is well known in the RTP area as a knowledgeable, honest  man with integrity. You won't find anyone better to diagnose the problem, or problems you are having with your HVAC Equipment!  He will give you all the necessary information so you can make an informed decision.  This includes the cost for Service, Repair or Replacement of your equipment.  If you have additional questions, he will be happy to answer them. (919) 369-4593 Cell. 

Electrical Installation, Service and Repair


If you need an Electrical job done, no job is too small.  We hang light fixtures, electrical boxes, GFI boxes,rewire of anything that needs rewired.; rooms or entire houses.